Tower Car Wash and Auto Detailing

Tesch and Associates, Inc. is the Developer, Owner and Operator of  Tower Express Car Wash and Detailing Centre in Cedar Park, Texas.

The state-of-the-art car wash opened in December of 2010 and is located 1350 E. Whitestone Boulevard, across from Target and the 1890 Ranch shopping center.

The Tower Car Wash ultra modern business model features a 146 foot car wash tunnel with a 100 percent soft cloth wash process combined with a pressure water delivery system that results in a cleaner dryer vehicle delivered in less time with premium surface protection at a modest price.

The community and the environment are central to the Tower Car Wash plan. In addition to using only approved and eco friendly cleaning products, complete water reclaim system is employed allowing up to 85 percent of its water to be reclaimed, resulting in better protection of our lakes, streams and waterways.

Tower Car Wash, Inc. is not affiliated with the University of Texas or any of its affiliated entities.