Recent Local Projects

Robert Tesch is both an accomplished and savvy businesses and commercial property owner in Williamson County; plus a well-known commercial real estate developer. In addition to his many business and development endeavors, Bob Tesch also specializes in Land Value Enhancement. LVE is the multi-disciplined task of bringing underdeveloped or undeveloped real estate to a developable state. Bob Tesch has provided Land Value Enhancement and consulting services for commercial property owners, banks and financial institutions, real estate investors and more. See Land Value Enhancement for more information.

Recent Local Projects Include:

Bob directed the planning and/or development of the following projects in Cedar Park, Texas:

Oakmont Business Park; an 18 acre master planned office park featuring:

  • 20,000 square foot office building
  • 84 office condominium units; and
  • Additional retail sites

Tower Centre; a 9 acre master planned commercial subdivision featuring:

  • Tower Retail Centre; a 13,000 square foot shopping center
  • Tower Car Wash; a modern, high efficiency 146 foot high-tech car wash conveyor with complete express and full service packages
  • Brake Check automotive services
  • Full-service hotel site; approved by Holiday Inn for a full-service hotel, including restaurant, bar and related services
  • Additional retail sites

Abrantes Residential Community

  • An 88 lot gated residential community currently under development